May 21

2 years on the road with mLo

“You are the first one who has explained that to me…”– Anonymous

For two years I have been traveling fulltime throughout Southern California in Restoration Law Center’s Mobile Law Office RV (“mLo” for short).  The mLo RV is a 36 foot long RV with computers, printers, meeting space, sleeping quarters, bathroom and kitchen facilities. RLC’s Mobile Law Office brings legal services to people of limited means in rural, costal, and inner-city communities. As the first lawyer some people have ever met I find myself explaining what a lawyer actually does with some frequency.

As the first mobile law office lawyer many people have ever heard of I offer this blog to give you a glimpse of my life on the road with mLo, the law, and the value of bringing innovation to the legal profession.

The Beginning

I started Restoration Law Center as a participant in The Legal Aid Society of Orange County LEAP incubator program (click link for more information about incubator programs). I made a commitment to serve low-to-modest-means communities with my private law practice and was able to do so because of the LEAP’s resources.

In the beginning reaching people that needed my help was a challenge.  At the time I had an office in downtown Los Angeles, lived with my husband in a small house with a vegetable garden in the San Fernando Valley, and had pro-bono and low-bono cases from Ventura to Orange County.  Spending countless hours (and many dollars) traveling to provide legal services for people who could not commute to LA made it harder and harder to take pro bono and low bono cases.

My then husband, a musician and audio engineer who had traveled with Ringling Brothers Circus by train and RV, had a great idea. He suggested that I purchase an RV and bring legal services to the people. Our marriage didn’t survive, but that idea and our friendship did!

What I do as a lawyer

Restoration Law Center, my private law practice, guides individuals and nonprofits over obstacles by providing mobile criminal defense, nonprofit corporate formation legal services, and training resources. I am a lawyer who meets people where they are for the purpose of restoring humanity to wholeness. (check out my bio).

The mLo RV and Agency Collaboration

Restoration Law Center connects with clients through the LA:Rise Program and through the LA City Council District 9 Public Interest Law Institute, and word of mouth. By partnering with nonprofit agencies, public agencies, and traveling in the mLo RV I am able to meet clients where they are – – from Lancaster one week to San Diego the next – – for all phases of a criminal case or for consultation and referral pro-bono or low-bono legal resources to meet their needs.