October 30

What is the Fair Chance Employment Act?

In 2018 a new law went live to help Californian residents with criminal convictions in their past overcome discrimination in employment. It is called The Fair Chance Employment Act and it limits when a potential employer can review a person’s past criminal convictions. California Department of Fair Employment and Housing website (https://www.dfeh.ca.gov/fair-chance-act/employment-rights/) Employers (with 5.

October 13

Gifts For My Future Self (video)

Gifts For My Future Self (video)

In these times of deep stress and hardship it can be hard to make decisions that support the future you dream of having. This informational video does not offer legal advice. It does not create an attorney client relationship either. What it offers are ideas about making daily decisions that are Gifts For Your Future.

September 16

Crossroads: LA Muni Code 41.18 & CA AB 832

Eviction is the name of a legal process that happens through the courts. This is a process that landlords use to remove a tenant from the home they are renting. I do not handle eviction cases but some of the people I represent are tenants renting their homes, some have been impacted by COVID-19, and.

May 21

2 years on the road with mLo

“You are the first one who has explained that to me…”– Anonymous For two years I have been traveling fulltime throughout Southern California in Restoration Law Center’s Mobile Law Office RV (“mLo” for short).  The mLo RV is a 36 foot long RV with computers, printers, meeting space, sleeping quarters, bathroom and kitchen facilities. RLC’s.